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Daewoo Electric Light Blue 2 Slice Toaster Argyle (SDA1823)

Daewoo Electric Light Blue 2 Slice Toaster Argyle (SDA1823)

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The Daewoo light blue Argyle 2 Slice Toaster is perfect for you and the family home. The browning control has the full range of options for crispy brown to soft white toast ensuring everyone will be happy getting the toast they desire. 

Each bread slot offers large slot space so all bread sizes can be inserted comfortably positioned in the centre of the slot with even heat exposure. 
The elegant and sophisticated design is achieved through a light blue soft plastic Argyle Patterned finish that will blend in with the popular modern kitchen designs. 
The toaster has a easy to remove tray located under each slot that collects all the loose bread crumbs making cleaning and maintenance very quick but thorough.

2 Slice Adjustable Width Slots 2 Slice Adjustable Width Slots

All Bread Sizes All Bread Sizes for Small and Large

Timing Control Browning Timing Control

Easy To Use Controls Easy To Use Controls

Cleaning Tray Easy and Quick Cleaning Tray

Power Power 930 Watts 220



Dimensions: H 20.0cm x W 31.4cm x D 17.4cm
Manufacturers Warranty: 2 Year
Bread Slots: 2 Slices
Colour: Light Blue
Power: 930W
Weight: 2.3 KG
Material: Stainless steel
Power Cord Length: 1.36 m

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