Collection: 2 & 4 Slice Toasters In Grey, Black, Cream, White & Yellow

Grand selection of electric 2 Slice & 4 Slice Toasters in Breville, Russell Hobbs and Daewoo brands. A wide range of styles and colours of white, yellow, black, cream and grey Toasters so you can find a match for your kitchen.

Our Collection:

2 Slice and 4 Slice Toasters

We stock top brands models in Russell Hobbs, Daewoo, Tower, Haden and Breville Toasters. The latest product for 2 Slice Toasters models and the more popular 4 Slice Toasters in colours white, yellow, black, cream and grey Toasters.

The Russell Hobbs, Daewoo and Breville appliances are generally superior to competing brands although this is not always the case. Boosting all the essential features and some nice extra functionality.

The Defrost button is very useful for toasting frozen bread to toast in a matter of minutes... practical for the morning rush if there is not bread left in the bread bin just take a loaf from the freezer and straight into the toaster. Guaranteed it will toast, brown and taste the same.

The Reheat option is a helpful utility if a slice of toast has been left in the toaster it can be reheated quickly without having to toast again. Reheating uses less energy than toasting and bread will not be wasted. The reheating process is different to toasting so the bread will not burn with too much heat.

The Cancel button will allow you to stop the toaster at any stage. Surprisingly this is used a lot according to customer feedback. Maybe to check the bread's progress if it has toasted but the High Lift Eject tool will do this without cancelling the toasting. High Lift Eject will raise the bread during toasting above the top of the toaster where it can be viewed. Particularly handy for wider breads like bagels and baps which can take longer. This will be energy efficient as opposed to Cancelling and Restarting which uses a lot more.

Adjustable-width bread slice slots are perfect for toasting larger bread slices with thicker bread or bagels and baps requiring more space to fit into the slots. Without this feature the bread can burn being too close to the heat components. Adjusting the slots width creates more space between the heat components and bread eliminating the risk of over browning.

All the toasters should have a browning control setting enabling the bread to be toasted to the user's preference. Settings can range from 1 to 8, even 1 to 10, but the idea is low light brown toast and high toasting for longer giving a nice dark brown crust on the toast.

The removable tray at the base of the toaster located under each bread slot collects all the crumbs falling from the bread slices. The tray can be emptied each day or week and so no crumbs will gather on the worktop unless of course you butter the toast on the worktop.

Freqently Ask Questions:

What is the best rated toaster in Ireland?

1. White Breville 4 Slice Toaster Mostra Collection
2. Stainless Steel 2 Slice Russell Hobbs Toaster
3. Brushed Stainless Steel Breville 2 Slice Toaster Edge
4. Tower Electric White Marble and Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster
5. Tower Silver Grey Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster

How does a Toaster Work?

The toaster can toast many different breads such as loafs, baps, crumpets, bagels, potato bread and pancakes through heat radiated from internal electric components. Burning off some of the water present in the bread, the heat exposure will cause the bread surface to brown. The browning happens when the starch in the bread turns to sugar cause by heat. The inside of the bread will not brown with direct exposure to the heat.

How does the Toaster Defrost Bread?

The bread will be frozen initially, and the toaster must heat the inside of the bread to defrost. Normal toasting will brown out of the bread but inside will remain frozen with less heat exposure. The Defrost procedure will generate less heat slowing down the browning process and allowing time for the heat to reach the inside of the bread. The process will take longer with less heat but when the bread eventually browns the heat will also be heated inside the slice.

Do toasters use much electricity?

Some toasters will use a minimum 800W but other models could use as much as 1500W depending on the specification and how high the heating components are set. If the toaster is used every morning for 5 - 10 minutes the energy cost would be approx. €0.20 per day. Obviously this is an average figure taken across all households so it very much depends on your usage. €0.20 each time you use the toaster would be a good yardstick. What is the most energy efficient way to toast bread? There are different theories on what the most efficient method for toasting is but a popular approach is to turn the heating setting up to the maximum then adjust the bread slots width to the smallest width available. Put the bread slices in each slot and begin toasting. Keep checking the bread regularly and when you are happy with the browning remove the toast from the appliance. The idea is to get the heating component as close the bread as possible exposing it to maximum heat. The bread will toast a lot quicker and so the toaster will be on for less time and so reducing energy consumption.

Are more expensive toasters better?

Usability tests have been conducted on cheaper toasters compared to the more expensive options. Surprisingly the cheaper toasters performance match the expensive appliances and in some cases surpassed. This will vary greatly in various models from different brands but the results were definitely did not show any advantages with expensive toasters. High-end appliances tend to have extra luxury features which are beneficial but generally customers are concern with the important functions and anything extra is not essential. Where the expensive toaster's excel is visual appearance. An Elegant, sophisticated, modern toaster build with smooth chrome stainless steel can look a million dollars in a new kitchen.. this is going to be important to some customer but not all.

How long will a toaster last?

Similar to the previous question the price range of a toaster does have much impact on the lifespan of an appliance. The cheaper toaster's performance is on par with more expensive models because the core functioning components are similar in functionality and materials. The lifespan will be around 6 to 8 years on average but this maybe longer if the owner maintains the appliance regularly. Removing access crumbs from the appliance because they will eventually leak into the mechanically working parts causing issues down the line. If the toaster is plugged in will it use electric? The toaster can actually use electricity if it is still plugged in. Although the usage will be very limited there are is some functionality which requires energy. The toaster is one of number of alliances like TVs and Lights that does it but the electricity usage is so small it will have no bearing on your bill.

Is bread healthier than toast?

There is a train of thought saying that because the bread is toasted where the bread is exposed to heat and so the calories will burn off and so reducing the Fat count in bread. This is true but the amount of Fat being burned off is small and so there is not a significant difference. Over a long period of time this will be healthier but over a few months it will have no impact.

What is the difference in a toaster and toaster oven?

The toaster and toaster oven use similar heating techniques for toasting, but the toaster oven is used for a greater scope of foods including the regular breads like baps, muffins, bagels etc. Contrasting meal's one does not associate with toasting like burgers or chops, vegetables and pizza. If you are contemplating an oven toaster in preference to a standard toaster the main factor to consider is the application. What do you intend using it for? Just the normal just breakfast toasting bread, baps, pancakes or potato bread the toaster will do these foods and it is much cheaper. The toaster will also require less space in the kitchen worktop and maintenance is relatively small. The toaster is also quicker toasting which is handy in the morning rush for school and work. Toasters are obviously more popular and so much more choice for you. Finding the right style and colour for your kitchen can be difficult but with nice range to pick from this will be possible. The Toaster oven is still a niche product and so the choice is restricted.

However, if you like experimenting with different foods on a frequent basis the oven toaster will provide an alternative way to cook certain foods. Toasting does give a nice crispy taste to breads so the opportunity to try unconventional food is exciting. Do keep in mind the toaster oven comes in 2 formats the stand-alone device for the worktop or built into the kitchen units. Generally, the appliances are much bigger than toasters so make sure you have considered this before buying.