Collection: Electric Kettles in Navy, Black, Cream, White & Grey

If you are buying an Electric Kettle in Ireland we stock top brand's including Tower, Daewoo, Russell Hobbs and Breville. All available in a range of colours such as White, Cream, Grey and Black Kettles. We stock electric, travel, brushed or polished stainless steel kettles.

Our Collection:

Electric Kettle stock a great range in electric kettles in Ireland for both the home and office kitchen. All the best brands including Tower, Daewoo, Russell Hobbs and Breville kettle in the classical traditional stainless steel Kettles to the more modern digitally controlled kettles. Stunning elegant designs in the popular colours. White, grey, cream, black and navy kettles are available, ensuring the right colour will fit in your kitchen.

Kettles will meet the highest standards with sought after features like ultra-fast boiling delivering boiling water in rapid quick times. All appliances will boil max water capacity (usually 7 - 8 cups) in a matter of minutes and boil a single cup in under 1 minute... impressive.

As mentioned above 99% of our brands will hold a lot of water so you will never be short of water to entertain all the guests. In fact, capacity will generally be 1.7 litres which is 8 average size cups or 7 larger cups. The water level indicator provides an accurate measurement when filling from tap so the user can boil the exact amount of water they require.

Most of the designs will have some form of internal cleaning mechanism, normally a cleaning filter removing impurities from the water. The filters are removable parts allowing the owner to clean or replace the filter regularly. Obviously benefits the water quality and taste but also appliance cleaning and maintenance becomes easier.

Each kitchen will have an ideal location for the electric kettle, and this will differentiate in each worktop layout. This makes the 360 Degree Rotational base an essential item to enable the appliance to be lifted from all sides offering greater flexibility.

The products are all plastic or stainless steel kettles engineered to the highest standard guaranteeing durability and longevity.

A high-end feature in some Russell Hobbs and Breville kettles is the illuminated surface during boiling. Looks cool and sleek on the worktop especially at night when the illumination stands out.

The electric kettle is the most used appliance in the household, boiling on average 5 times per day at breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper etc. Such heavy use means it is therefore imperative the product is reliable, sturdy and long-lasting. places great emphasis on researching, testing and analysis on each item to ensure all these traits are met. It is always a good idea for the customer to read through our the product information section along with customers reviews for piece of mind in making the correct choice.

Considered where the kettle will be used whether it is kitchen, utility room or office. For example a quiet boil device with a large water capacity would be ideal for the office or a smaller kettle model for small worktop in the utility room.

Freqently Ask Questions:

What are the top 5 electric kettles in Ireland?

1- Polished Stainless Steel Electric Russell Hobbs Kettle Adventure
2- Daewoo Electric White Kettle Hive 1.7L 3KW Textured
3- Electric Premium Gloss Breville White Jug Kettle Mostra Collection
4- Daewoo Electric Stainless Steel Grey Kettle 1.7L Astoria
5- Cordless Electric Vanilla Cream Breville Jug Kettle Obliq

Which kettle is cheaper to run?

Technically it is cheaper to use the Gas hob to boil water comparing to a kettle but considering the many variables involved the kettle will work out cheaper in the long run. Tests have demonstrated how Gas can been cheaper when averaging out the different power and timeframes for each method, but the gas hob is less easy to operate with many potential risks.

The kettle will automatically switch off when boiling is complete whereas the hob will continue boiling until the user notices and so energy is wasted.

Researching what kettle is cheaper to run is not the correct approach as nearly all electric kettles have energy efficient features. The essential features for an efficient energy appliance are Auto turn off which pretty much every kettle will have. Water level indicator to ensure only the required amount of water is boiled not wasting money boiling for 4 cups when only 2 is needed.

So, the argument is not which kettle is cheaper to run but instead making sure one not to be wasteful using the appliance.

Are expensive kettles worth it?

To answer this question bluntly there is a risk buying cheaper kettles of a shorter life span, but this is not to say an expensive kettle is better value. This will obviously depend on the price difference and how long each electric kettle will last.

Customers must research the device they are buying reading expert and customer reviews to acquire an idea of the life cycle time frame and gauge it with the cost savings a solid decision can be made.

Functionality does not differ too much with cheaper or expensive kettles. Product features are very similar but maybe performance characteristics like boiling speed could vary. But to be honest 99% of users will not notice unless they are really interested.

The main difference will be visual appearance. Expensive electric kettles will generally have modern, fashionable designs using higher quality materials portraying elegance and style. First impressions will always convince users of the better product and this may be the case if elegance and style is a priority in your kitchen.

How much does it cost to boil an electric kettle in Ireland?

It costs on average €4.50 to boil a kettle but this will vary on how much water is in the kettle, the time of day and the electric rates that apply and the energy company who charges will differ. So, €4.50 is an average considering when kettle is mostly used and what rates will apply.

Is it cheaper to boil a full kettle or half a kettle?

It is more expensive to boil a full kettle using more energy to boil the higher capacity of water. Approx. double the cost but this will vary with different providers, so it is difficult to put an exact cost on it.

Are some kettles cheaper to boil than others?

As mentioned previously Kettles will require the same amount of energy to boil. Most kettles will have energy efficiency features. Factors such as heat insulation efficiency in the materials used to build the device can have an impact.

How can I cut the cost of boiling a kettle?

A few simple techniques to reduce the cost are as previously discussed only fill the kettle with the required amount of water needed. Measure your cup volumes in the kitchen and then total how many litres of water will be needed.

Maintain the cleaning filter mechanism inside the electric kettle by regularly cleaning or replacing it when the filter is done. A clean filter is more efficient in removing impurities and limescale which is detrimental to the boiling speed.

Which kettle will boil the water in the shortest time?

The heat from an Electric kettle is all generated from the base of the appliance making them much quicker than stovetop. Some kettles do have a quick boil function using less energy as the process is shorter. Certain Kettles can also retain the heat and the water hot for longer periods so re-boiling will happen as frequently.

Daewoo Electric White Kettle Hive 1.7L 3KW

The Daewoo Hive model has 3KW of power with a quick boil function which should boil a full kettle in a few minutes. Higher quality appliances andDaewoo always produce exceptional products.

How long should a kettle last?

A kettle will last on average 4/5 years, but this will vary with different brands and models. Indicators that you need to buy a new kettle are:
Visual deterioration on the kettle as it gets older rust may start to form and it could lose its colour. A cream, black or navy kettle will fade to a lighter tone. This deterioration decreases the performance of the electric kettle.

The taste of water changing is a clear sign of components inside the kettle wearing and declining. The gradual buildup of limescale causes this but most modern kettles have a cleaning filter to combat this.

The most obvious is when the appliance takes longer to boil and the heating component in the base is not performing to its maximum anymore. This cannot be fixed and so the only option is to replace.

What to look for when buying a kettle?

There are a number of features that you should expect from your electric kettle when buying. Water capacity will dictate how many people you can serve from 1 boil so one should expect a minimum of 1.7 litres capacity. Anything lower is not considered a smaller appliance suited for smaller numbers.

Kettle performance is very important. Being so heavily used it will become irritable if the kettle is slow or unreliable. The power size is critical for determining how fast the kettle will boil the water for small and large numbers. Capable of handling heavy usage from morning to night. 3KW or 3000W of power is sufficient.

Appliance materials are crucial to the longevity and ease of use of the product. Plastic or stainless steel are most common and should ensure both attributes are covered provided the materials are good specification. Plastic can resist the heat better by staying cooler and easier to handle whereas stainless steel is durable and strong lasting longer. Cordless device is a standard element across the board allowing the kettle to be lifted from the boiling base to the table for pouring. Not essential but will make usability so much easier and safer with greater mobility. The cord can be stored in the base which is tidier and secure with no loose cable. Various brands will allow you to control the temperature of the water which is a unique feature useful for tea and coffee lovers who prefer mild warm water as opposed to boiling hot water. The coffee/ tea machines in shops or service stations usually have milder water so it must be popular. Not essential, just an extra in the higher end models. Appearance should play its part in your choice. The kettle should integrate into the kitchen with ease. Is your kitchen contemporary or traditional style? The electric kettle should be a modern or old fashion design to match. The colours ought to complement the kitchen tone and materials like stainless steel can assist in achieving this. Cream, White, Grey, Black or Navy Kettles, basically whatever colour you need is available.

Is it worth getting an energy efficient kettle?

The Electric kettle is one of the highest energy consuming appliances in the home. Hair dryers, heaters and tumble dryers are often highlighted but the kettle is definitely up there because it is used so much. 4/5 times a day is the average compared to other appliances maybe used once a day. So, the benefits of an energy efficient kettle are obvious. The Eco kettle can save up to 20% in energy consumption in comparison to a standard kettle. The Eco kettle has certain features designed to limit energy usage by eliminating wastage. Switching of the kettle instantly when water comes to boil and limiting how much water is boiled ensuring access volume is not boiled wasting energy.