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Breville Kettle

Breville have been engineering small appliances for 80 years now building a reputation of quality, trust and obviously experience. The brand is recognised in the higher end of the market with consistent deluxe appliances and superior designs.

Very much focusing on the user, their family and the home and so their products are easy to use for the customer in their own home. With this in mind Breville offer a high-level support service for the products both using them and integrating them into the household. This is vital as electrical appliances can be tricky to set up and technical assistance is priceless as most customers will have little in depth knowledge on the appliances.

The devices are constructed to offer durability, resilience and strength. Ireland is a nation tea and coffee drinkers, and the kettle can boil from morning to night in some homes, so these characteristics are essential.

Ease of use is an ever-present factor in Breville kettles highlighting the easy pour wide spout were almost no water will spill on the table or worktop, the water gauge illuminating on commencement of boiling, integrated base very much complimenting the kettle and the cord length providing more extension than other competitor brands.

Performance is excellent as the kettle can boil fast delivering boiled water in no time. Latest models will boil the full kettle in approx. 2 minutes.

Breville is an established brand set up in 1932 by Bill O'Brien and Harry Norville in Sydney Australia. By combining both names together they form the company Breville. It began designing Radios and TVs up to 1953 after which turning their attention to the household appliances.

In 2001 Housewares International Limited took over the Breville companies in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong and the Europe, UK and Ireland operations were taken over by UK company Jarden. Breville now trades in over 70 countries all over the world and continues to go from strength to strength developing the knowledge and experience in kitchen kettle appliances since 1932.

Freqently Ask Questions:

How can I clean and maintain my Breville Kettle?

The kettle can be cleaned on the outside, but you must be careful when cleaning being an electric appliance, water should not be in contact with the components. Whips or a damp towel will do if no water is dripping on the kettle surface and can be cleaned nicely without access water. If droplets run down the surface into the base where the electric heating components operate damage could happen. Water and electric do not mixed. Cleaning the inside of the Breville kettle requires a different approach because of the limescale build up overtime resulting from water impurities from the tap. It is wildly known white vinegar is excellent removing the limescale and so 1 small cup mixed with a full kettle of water. This mixture should be boiled in the kettle as per normal and left to steep for around 12 hours. The kettle should then be emptied and rinsed. Finally fill the kettle with just water this time and boil and emptied again...your kettle should be cleaned.

How do i clean the removable filter?

For optimum results the cleaning filter should be cleaned regularly otherwise the process is not as effective. Before beginning make sure the kettle is switched off long enough to have cooled in the inside. You do not want to handle the inside of the kettle when it is hot as this would be unsafe. When cooled open the kettle and remove the filter attached inside the water storage area. Rinse the filter with water from tap and rub with a delicate cloth so the filter is not damaged. If the filter cannot be 100% clean you may have to use a recommended cleaning agent from the product manual and follow relevant instructions. The filter can also be steeped in water or even the dish washer. When complete fit it back inside the kettle in correct position.

Will the kettle get damaged if I boil with no water?

It is quite common for users to switch the Breville kettle on without filling it first. The kettle is boiled so often daily it is logical for this to happen. The good news is most kettles now have a built-in safety feature called Boil dry protection which will automatically switch off the kettle if the water level is too low. However, this is not a reason to keep checking the water level before boiling.

Does the filter clean the water?

Yes, the filter cleans the water in the Breville kettle so your tea or coffee will taste better. The filter removes limescale and impurities from the water filled in the kettle. By removing these the water will naturally be cleaner and therefore taste better. This also keeps the inside of the kettle cleaner and so easier to maintain in general.

How does the Kettle Illumination work?

The Illumination appears on the outside of the kettle as an indicator of the water temperature. Illuminating when the water reaches sufficient temperature for tea and coffee. If we know the water temperature there may be no call to boil the kettle again as it is hot enough for a cup of tea. The glow will progress from blue to red as the water gets hotter during boiling. After boiling is finished one can let the water cool off to below 80 degrees before pouring... as many tea and coffee drinkers prefer this.

The water tastes different in the Breville kettle?

This can indicate 2 possibilities in a kettle or maybe an older kettle. New kettles do need to be cleaned before using if straight from the factory just to bed them in really. Remember to remove the filter inside the kettle, fill with water and add a small drop of bicarbonate of soda. Steep this for 12 hours then rinse out and fill with water and boil. Empty the kettle again and it should be ready to go.

Is the Breville kettle worth it?

The Breville brand is more expensive than most of its competitors, but the general reviews point to a high performing appliance. Excellent functionality with consistent and reliable performance. Ideal for warm tea or coffee drinkers as opposed to hot. The Breville models offer temperature control which enables the user to select the acquired heat. Maintaining and cleaning the Breville brands does seem to be easier thanks to the cleaning filter installed inside the kettle. Most kettles do have a filter fitted but do not get the same results. Many customers have mentioned how clean the kettle is with no access limescale gathering inside the water storage area. This is exactly what the filter is designed to do. Collect access limescale on the filter paper so it will not form on the kettle surface.

Is the Breville kettle quiet?

The latest models on the market do have a quiet boil feature when the appliance is operating. The functionality is designed to minimise the noise produced when boiling to such an extent it can be unnoticed in the kitchen. Beneficial if you are watching tv or having a conversation it can be difficult with the noise from a normal kettle. Very useful in the office environment when staff are concentrating on tasks or talking to customers. Noise can be distracting.

What should i look for buying a Breville kettle?

Breville is a popular and trusted brand in the market because the kettles are on the higher end of the spectrum. Excellently produced and performance to match has established the brand. There are certain features you should expect if considering buying. Breville has powerful appliances with no less than 3KW power, probably the main reason for the high performance and boiling times that can be achieved. Other brands may have similar power but perhaps not designed as clever for efficient boiling. The product should cater for 8 eight people, 8 cups of water will be approx. 1.7 litres. Again, most brands will have minimum 1.7 capacity. The cups total can be measured using a water level indicator giving the exact volume in cups. As previously mentioned, the Breville internal cleaning filter is highly regarded keeping the device cleaner inside. Judging against other brands, Breville kettles achieve better results. The surrounding work surface can also be kept cleaner thanks to a no spillage pouring system so no water will leak.