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Navy Blue Electric Breville Jug Kettle Obliq (Refurbished VKT202R)

Navy Blue Electric Breville Jug Kettle Obliq (Refurbished VKT202R)

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Cool and sophisticated kettle from the popular Obliq collection the Breville kettle is a powerful appliance with 3KW b oils up to 8 cups in super quick time. Distinguished design using unique colours navy blue texture surface with gold trimmings in the handle and base. Definitely has a modern and authoritative feel that wont look out of place in your kitchen.

 Brand Approved and Tested with Warranty

 Rapid Boiling Function 3KW Power
 The Rapid Boiling Function is impressively fast  boiling in just a few minutes or a single cup in under a minute. Coffee or tea at your finger tips.

 Water capacity is 1.7 Litres Filling 8 cups
 Water capacity is 1.7 Litres filling 8 cups so you and your guests can over indulge.. no half filled cups.

 Cleaning Filter Removing Limescale
 Cleaning Filter is excellent  for keeping limescale at bay ensuring the water is fresher and the kettle cleaner. The filter can be removed for cleaning or replacement. 

 Water Level Indicator View
 Water Level Indicator View Window  display the exact water level in the kettle. So if you need  8 cups of tea fill the kettle with exactly enough water.

 Wide Spout for Pouring so No Spillage
 The Jug kettle has a wide Spout for pouring stopping any water spillage on the work surface.


Dimensions: H 26.3cm x W 19.0cm x D 21.6cm
Manufacturers Warranty: 1 Year
Colour: Navy Blue
Capacity: 1.7 Litres
Power: 3000W
Weight: 1.48KG
Material: Plastic

B Grade Certified Refurbished Brand Approved and Tested.

Refurbished products might have very slight scratches and the packaging may be damaged, but the product functionality will be working perfect after thorough testing. We also provide 3 months warranty on refurbished products from the date of purchase.

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